The Certificate in Ministry – MOCM (Mobile and Online Church Ministry) program focuses on teaching vital skills to help your church experience significant growth. This involves the effective implementation of clearly defined strategies that leverage the power of technology. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of approaches to expand your church community, along with emphasizing crucial technology skills relevant in today’s digital era. Throughout the program, a strong commitment to unwavering biblical principles is maintained.

Program Length: 3 Months
Earn your certificate in just 3 months when you complete the 5 required courses

Application deadline: August 2, 2024.
Next class start date: September 2, 2024.

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Achieving substantial growth for your church involves implementing well-defined strategies that tap into the power of technology. This guide outlines key approaches to expand your church community while also highlighting the essential technology skills that are pertinent for churches in today's digital age, all while upholding unwavering biblical principles.

Credit Units: 3
Course rating: 4.9(29)

In today's digital world, having a website is crucial for churches to connect with people. Church websites have become essential tools, serving important functions that have become even more significant over the years.

This course will equip you with the skills to effortlessly create an engaging and attractive website with interactive features.

Credit Units: 3
Course rating: 4.9(10)

Discover the essentials of Digital Marketing for Churches! This course empowers you to navigate online platforms effectively, elevate your church's online presence, engage with your congregation, and share your message with impact. You will learn practical strategies for enhancing your church's influence in the digital era.

Credit Units: 3
Course rating: 5.0(1)

The Church Graphic Design course will teach you how to create awesome visuals for your church! You will learn how to professionally design flyers, posters, and general designs in a simple and interactive way.

Credit Units: 3
Course rating: 4.9(12)

Explore the power of Live Streaming for Churches! This course introduces you to the world of live broadcasting, equipping you with the skills to engage a wider audience, master the technical aspects of streaming, and elevate your worship experience online. Learn to seamlessly integrate live streaming into your church's outreach, fostering connection and community in the digital space.

Credit Units: 3